Djabe - Sheafs are dancing
Released in 2003
The outstanding Hungarian representative of jazz/world fusion music has this time mainly taken inspiration from the treasure of Hungarian music. Barabás Tamás's and Égerházi Attila's compositions were inspired by the paintings of the recently departed painter, Égerházi Imre. The Alföld, Hortobágy, the Transylvanian scenery and the other motives of Égerházi Imre has won a music interpretation. In a new step, among the writers we can find the names of the pianist, Kovács Zoltán along with the violin and trumpet player, Kovács Ferenc. Sipos András, one of the founders of the band, brings new colourful sounds on his percussions. Banai Szilárd, the young, talented jazz drum player fits more and more maturely to the face of Djabe. Kovács Zoltán, once again, proves his exceptional music knowledge, this time on an acoustic piano instead of on synthesizers. And in the case of Kovács Ferenc his violin skills shine on this record. His characteristic, Hungarian, "Rustic Baroque" play vitally determines the style of the CD. He is great on the trumpet, too, as Archie Sheep claims: "... he plays the trumpet like Miles Davis, while he is one of the best violin player of the World." Besides the excellent bass guitar playing of Barabás Tamás we must praise his writing, arranger and sound engineering works as well. Égerházi Attila assembled the vision in a genuine manner together with Barabás. His compositions and guitar playing has been fundamental again in the case of this 2003 Djabe production.

Djabe invited several guests once more to bring The Sheafs are dancing to life.
From among the outstanding contributors:
Steve Hackett’s guitar style adds an interesting colour to the soundscape of this recordings.
Ben Castle uplifts the standard of the recording with his soprano saxophone. He was previously a determining musician in the recording of Update and Flying (DVD).
For the very first time the tabla apperead by Szalai Péter in Djabe recordings.
Herczeg Judit is also a returning guest to the Djabe album as a vocalist.

The CD is released in a very decorative, paper case packaging. On the album, not only can we "listen to" the 14 paintings, but we can also admire them in the small booklet, which goes along with it.

This album was nominated to the “Best Hungarian jazz album of the year”.

"What does Hungarian jazz sound like? Take smooth jazz played by seven guys who look like truck drivers and dump a couple of buckets of paprika on them. Add a little Eastern European folk sensibility, particularly that gypsy fiddle. A packed RIJF Big Tent ate it up."
Jeff Spevak, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

"It's not hard to figure out why Djabe is the leading jazz-fusion band of Hungary. The group's music is filled with lush textures and appealing melodies. Group member Kovács Ferenc, who has worked with David Murray and Archie Shepp, is an excellent soloist on trumpet, flugelhorn, and violin."
Rochester Citynews

"I enjoyed Djabe's music and the packaging for Sheafs are dancing is superb."
Jim Simpson, Birmingham International Jazz Festival

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Djabe - Sheafs are dancing

1. Táncolnak a kazlak
2. Tájak
A. Lengyelország felett
B. Alkony a tengerparton

3. Hajdúböszörményi utcarész
4. Ház a dombtetőn
5. Téli hortobágy
6. Hóviharban
7. Fátyol mögött
8. Beszélgetők
9. Szemrehányás Mp3
10. Thiérachei emlék
11. Gyimesi hegyek
12. Repülés
13. Jégvilág
14. Virágcsendélet

Barabás Tamás - bass, synth programs
Égerházi Attila - guitars
Sipos András - percussion
Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, flugelhorn, violin
Kovács Zoltán - piano, keyboards
Banai Szilárd - drums

Steve Hackett - guitar
Ben Castle - soprano saxophone
Szalai Péter - tabla
Herczeg Judit - vocal

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