Djabe - Flying
Released in 2002
In 2001 Djabe completed a very attractive and successful concert tour with Ben Castle promoting the new Update album. The band played incredebly well, you can enjoy unique sax, violin, trumpet, keyboard and bass solos. Djabe put together the old and the new tunes in one set, representing the whole carrier of the band till 2001. The first Hungarian world/jazz DVD was made from three hours long gigs.

On top of the concert video, the DVD also contains a 20 minute documentary, interactive menu, biographies and discographies.
Barabás Tamás, who is the sound engineer of the group, made an amazing 5.1 surround sound to complete the spectacular Vari•Lite vision of the show.

"By the end of the concert we will become slightly different people..."
International DVD Magazine

"The best Hungarian music DVD"

Djabe releases can be ordered from the new Djabe Webhop:

Djabe - Flying

1. Visions
2. Ly-o-lay Ale Loya
3. Gallop
4. Witchi Tia To
5. Clouds Dance
6. My Way
7. Tulamben
8. Barraguira
9. Underwater Sunlight
10. Village Of The Sun
11. Above The Skies
12. Update
13. Flying
14. First Step
15. Lead Soldier
16. Desire
17. Distant Dance
18. Winter Forest
19. Mayombe
20. Djabe

Barabás Tamás - bass, synth programs
Égerházi Attila - acoustic and electric guitars
Sipos András - vocal, percussion
Kovács Ferenc - trumpet, flugelhorn, violin, vocal
Kovács Zoltán - keyboards
Banai Szilárd - drums
Ben Castle - tenor saxophone, flute, bass clarinet

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